I have to say, that with the New Health Care law (Patient Protection Plan and Affordable Insurance Act) has been receiving a lot of heat-hate lately, mainly because most people haven’t read the law and listen to the news reports and Republicans. So now whenever they even hear “Health Care Reform” they see/hear this:



Pictured: The Government.

Oh lawl. I admit, I was one of those people who was like “health care reform, wtf? What does that mean?” and then watched the news and saw that all sides were freaking out over money and national debit, and the dollar going down, and blah blah blah. As you can tell, I had change the channel at that point.


One thing stuck with me, and it was the figures of people freaking the fuck out because this health care law meant one thing: Raising taxes so that people who are on welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Meda-taxes-pay-for-my-health-insurance, were going to get more health insurance and we weren’t (dun dun DUN!).

For about (almost) a month I was a bit angry, but above all, I didn’t care. Whatever, the emmys are going on in a week, Twilight better not win anything or I’ll pop my eye open, school is out in a month, and my room smells.

Those were most likely my thoughts when health care reform passed and I saw President Obama sparkling on television (vampire?) telling Americans that we now can say that we have moved forward into the ranks of other industrialized nations who have universal health care for everyone. Then the president of France said that douche-remark, which made me roll my eyes, and again, walk away into the midst’s of whatever else was going on in my life.

But, since working on the health care reform I have learned a-many things, and so I bring to you, in the incredibly easy to access language…

Stuff in the Health Care Reform that is amazing and doesn’t require money:

I would make the above text glitter, but I am afraid. ANYWAY:

–         Insurance companies can’t be as big of assholes as they were before.

  • If you get cancer, get really ill and suddenly become expensive to them because of all the care that you need, they can’t cut you off or say some bullshit about “pre-existing conditions” aka “You were lying to us when we took you in!” Or look for an error in your application to say not to you. “You aren’t a terminator and thus can get shot and be a-ok!”. The only way that they can cut you off and not pay your health care bills is if you commit insurance fraud. In fact, the new law makes being such an asshole to us, illegal. That’s right gals and guys, law-suits here we come.

–         Insurance companies can’t tell you that you are only worth half-a-million, less or more, or other shit like that

  • Okay, so that didn’t much sense, but what I am trying to say without sounding like a wonk, is that there can’t be set lifetime limits on how much they are willing to spend on you. Say you get cancer, they can’t stop giving you treatment because “oh snap! All your benefits are up, you used them all!” they have to pay. For everything.

–         If you have some sort of deadly illness or disease, insurance companies can’t deny you coverage based on that.

  • Sucky about that one though is that it doesn’t go into effect until 2014, but, you may be eligible for government help!

–         Makes it so that your doctor doesn’t have to call your insurance company to see if they can cover that treatment that you need.

  • That’s right, no matter what, the doctor can give you whatever best treatment is out there for you. However, if you want Viagra, things are looking sorta bad

–         Kick-ass website that tells you want insurance plan you can get for the best shit, and for the best price, no “progressive advertisement” bullshit to be found here.

–         Free preventative care!

  • Free pap-smears, mammograms, vaccinations and other stuff
    • HOWEVER! No free birth control for at least another year *SAD FACE!* really, that makes me pissed and sad. Free birth control as part of preventative care would be kick-ass, but the political climate right now, it’s kinda unbearable.

….there is more out there but I’m feeling lazy ~.~ so sleepy

On a side note, It’s kinda funny when you go on youtube and try to talk about healthcare reform, or any politically motivated website for that much. Everyone just assumes that if you are pro-health care than means you are on medicare or some sort of tax-assisted health care. I simply said (via youtube) that I loved the new health care reform and that more people should take the time to see what’s really in it, and the first response was “oh, you must be on Medicare, that’s why you love it. Well, my taxes won’t pay for that for much longer”. Huh. Let me tell you, I almost replied with as much anger as I could must and internet-scream (aka, all caps) I HAVE UNION-INSURANCE YOU FUCK-BAG!!! But then, I realized that it was youtube comments, and thus, the land of the insecure and retarded (well, not everyone, but most people who spul nonsense are). People just aren’t willing to listen to any other side. Nor are they willing to listen to the theories/stuff people are uncovering about the people who are against the healthcare reform that they are:

v     If tea-baggers, turning out to be racists

v     Are actually backing insurance companies profits’ interest, not our own, which is what many are claiming

v     Backing bunnies

v     Other shit

Anyway, on a happy note I saw Enrique Iglesias, he stood like 10 feet away from me, I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!


Look at this man. Just look.