Panic Swtich by Silversun Pickups, the current song that won’t get out of mind head. I swear that I am not a hipster.

Panic Switch,t=1,mt=video
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I can’t really say why I like this song so much, well, it’s fast and most of the music that I love is fast-paced and somehow, the lyrics just fall together (I’m not going to comment on my long absence from this blog, it was summer, now I’m a senior at College, put two and two together). But anyway, I’m feeling inspired and somewhat hopeful with this song and am currently writing out my application to the Wellstone Fellowship.

This is going to be a short update (and more for myself) but I need to apply to three things, and one is writing an essay for the Ayn Rand contest (yes, I read her book, I actually liked it).

Also, a little humor (grossly placed) from BP:

Coon 2: Hindsight
Eric Cartman,more…

Putting that aside, I am sad of this:

I really wanted a chance to meet my senators of future-senators face to face and talk to them. To great a chance to see how they really were and if they could represent me in congress, but well, looks like thats all been shot to hell. The angry republicans recently got what they wanted, crazy people out to shoot anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Le sigh.